How Agrofy optimised Core Web Vitals and improved business metrics

Comparison with the previous period
  • We migrated the front end architecture from Angular JS (Deprecated) to React solution.
  • We implemented a lazy loading strategy for all non-visible elements using Intersection Observers.
  • We optimised static resource delivery using a CDN with cropped WEBP images.
  • Lazy loading for non-visible images.
  • We used an SSR strategy to resolve critical content.
  • We included preloads and preconnects to critical resources to minimise handshake times.

How was the FCP improved

  • We first identified and removed a render blocking resource.
There is a breach of more than a second since the DOM is parsed and rendering begins.
El render comienza inmediatamente

How was the LCP improved

How was the CLS improved

Con Chrome DevTools identificamos los elementos que generaban el aumento de CLS




Web Performance Specialist

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Luciano Mollar

Luciano Mollar

Web Performance Specialist

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